0% Balance transfer credit cards

1.  Citibank has the Highest approval rate for a 0% balance transfer  credit card.  The term of the 0% offer is the longest as well, 18 months.  As long as you have a credit score of 680 or above you are likely to be approved.  This card is really good for those that are maxed out on there current cards.  Ciitbank has some of the easiest guidelines for approvals when it comes to your current credit card utilization.  Citibank has a number of cards with different credit requirements so click link below and it will take you directly to the correct card to apply for.

Get the Citibank 0% credit card for 18 months by clicking here

2.  Discover is my second choice options.  They have 12 months or better on 0% balance transfer options.  If you are a 680 credit score or higher and are not maxed out on your current credit cards this is a good choice.  There are a number of Discover cards with different terms and credit requirements.  The link below will take you directly to the one I recommend.

Get the Discover 0% balance transfer credit card by clicking here


2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Jay

    Hi Dave,

    Does your system work with interest only mortgages? If so, could you please send me spreadsheet example?


    1. dburke Post author

      Debt Eliminator Plus works for any type of mortgage. A spreadsheet Example will not properly show you how it would work. You can attend the webinar class “Introduction to Debt Eliminator Plus” and it will be covered in the future. I will be working on a short video to illustrate how it works on different types of mortgage. You can keep an eye out for that.


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