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  1. dburke Post author

    To change your password goto login and click forgot password and you will be sent a link to reset and choose for yourself what you like

  2. yvonne eisner

    This message is meant for anyone considering to work with Dave Burke and his Ebay program. My name is Yvonne and I have enrolled in over a dozen on-line education programs and have not made a dime nor recovered my investments on anything until I enrolled in Dave’s program. Within 7 days of opening up my store and completing the assignments given to me by Dave I had started to make sales. As of today’s date I have sold almost 100 items. Dave always makes himself available for questions and help when needed. He is a great teacher and has an incredible amount of patience and energy. I have never met a man who truly cares about his students and their success. You can feel it and catch his contagious energy and enthusiasm, which I know he gets from our successes. Don’t miss this opportunity of changing your life and the experience of working with Dave. Not to mention making great friends in the Ebay Group.

  3. Maris Tain

    My name is Maris Tain and I’ve been active with Dave’s eBay program for about five weeks, and made my first sale April 22nd. What Yvonne said above is completely accurate! I’ve been in network marketing for about five years and had been looking for something online with the freedom of working at home, not having to deal with sales and people’s objections, AND… something that would finally make me money! Dave lays it all out for you… videos, group webinar coaching and a fantastic private Facebook community where we are all sharing questions, knowledge and support! We are like a family all wanting success for one another! As of this very moment I’ve made approx $285 and will have reached $300 by my 30day first sale anniversary May 22nd. You are only limited by eBay and the number of listings they allow a new person to work with month by month. Based on this number, I should net about $8-900 in the next 30 days and then possibly double that in my 3rd 30day period. My goal is $3-5000 in six months. Bottom line… if you do what you are taught, the program works!

    And one more thing… If you know anyone who has any mortgage or credit card debt, or is in need of credit repair for any reason, ask Dave about his debt elimination program which is completely free or you can learn more at http://www.DebtEliminationPlus.com. Dave has a heart of gold, and along with what he gives us all in the eBay program, he works with people individually and gives them hope. I’ve been working with Dave with my consumer debt and at each step of the way, I continue to be amazed! He is brilliant and only wants to give back! Thank you Dave for all you do and all you give!

  4. nakai

    Hi my name is nakai i am a retired police officer. I retired 8 yrs ago and have tried just about ever thing to build an income and in general break even at the end of the month. I started with this course and dave about a month ago and have had enough luck selling to know i can do this program and make money with it. Dave is a great teacher I took a course with him on debt elimination when I took a medical retirement
    and he save my hide. His knowledge and and willingness to share has really been a blessing in my life.

    THANKS DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tmanick

    Hi, this is Nick from Las Vegas. There are few “programs” out there that actually work and this is definitely one. It’s just like Dave says, it’s easy to do, anyone can do it, and if you follow the steps, you WILL earn an income. People sit around all day playing these games like Farmville or whatever and this is as easy as that, the only difference is, instead of building some fake farm that doesn’t exist, you are building a real store that is earning real money, so it’s a lot more fun! I’m just a month in and I can’t believe how many sales I’m starting to make already. Even though it seems small to start it grows pretty quickly and it is some much needed income. Thanks Dave!

  6. Robert Caputo

    This is Lisa from San Diego. My husband and I have been working with Dave for over 4 years. First to eliminate our debt, which has been reduced due his outstanding coaching through his Debt Eliminator Plus program, and now my husband and I are creating a new stream of income with his Ebay Simple Road To Cash program. It isn’t too good to be true! Dave has a heart to help Americans gain control over their debt and to have a “work in your pajama business” opportunity you can do from anywhere. While there are other debt elimination programs out there, Dave uses tools you would never know exist that allows you to pay down your debt without increasing your income. You’d pay lots of money to learn this from others if you could find the info. Dave does this for free because he is truly “paying it forward”. No catches at all! We have been doing the Ebay system for 3 months now and can honestly say that no one can jump into Ebay and be this successful without the coaching and system Dave has put together for such a small price. We were always interested in doing Ebay, but it was so intimidating and I wasn’t excited about listing my household junk! Never did I know you can be a middleman and not stock items at home. This is way cool and there is so much more Dave has to coach us on to be even more successful and have a great income while working in our pajama’s or moving somewhere to live where we can work a few hours a day and enjoy the rest of the day. Dave is patient and we appreciate how he has changed our lives.


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